Monday, January 25, 2010


Since we, as a family, had just taken a trip to Paris together in November for my wedding (I know, I owe a post about the wedding), we decided not to go all-out crazy with our gift-giving for each other this year. So, our gift to my in-laws was 4 tickets to the local (Mesa) historic district home tour, here in Arizona.

We have toured the Willo Historic District in the past, so I knew this was something we all enjoyed. Well, the tour was this past weekend and while the tour was not as extensive as others I have been to, there were a few very interesting homes. One though, in particular, had me so thrilled and excited, I wish I could have bought the whole house, furniture and decor! Of course, it is a home in my favorite style: Tudor. I took photos with my blackberry, but God forgive me, they are horrible and blurry for the most part. (I knew, I knew, I KNEW we should have brought Jason's camera!) I will post a few though, because I love the decorating inspiration and because I need help finding where I can purchase something within the photo!

I absolutely loved the Wall of Clocks:

And the bedroom:

But I loved these bottles and must have them, but have no idea where to buy them! Please, if you know where I can get these, please comment me!

Here are some other beautiful features of the house. Check out this entertaining patio!:

That's my lovely mother-in-law, Dee, above. We call her Diva Dee. She's a great inspiration and extremely talented and artistic. I won the Golden Ticket when I got her for a mother-in-law!

Again, I apologize for my horrible photography, but one can't do much with a Blackberry camera.

Have you ever been on a historic home tour? What tours do you enjoy and in what cities?

Phoenix has some beautiful historic districts: Willo, Encanto-Palmcroft, Del Norte, Fairview, Story and FQ - to name a few. These homes have such character in a sprawled community of cookie-cutter developments.


  1. It's hard to tell exactly what those bottles look like by this small photo. Try searching eBay. Here's a few you may like (?):

  2. Arrrghhh!! Those were **perfect** but by the time I got to them, their auctions were all over! I know what to look for now though. ;D Thanks! FFL!!!

    By the way, I'm pretty sure you are the only person who reads my blog!