Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Treasures

I hope everyone had a relaxing and productive weekend. The only days I feel productive are Saturday and Sunday!

Yesterday, as Jason did some work on our bathroom, I took a run to a few stores, including the local antique market, Tuesday Mornings and Target.

Now that we will be redecorating one of the spare rooms into a baby room, I wanted to get some inspiration. At this early stage (just 5 weeks along), it doesn't seem "smart" to go buying anything yet (though it sure is tempting), but I found some really cute of which is an armoire that matches the armoire in my bedroom. Jason thinks that at the price it is marked, I should just buy it, baby or not. We love the one in our bedroom and could certainly use the other in another room. Below are some of my finds.

I just loved these pressed flowers behind glass. I know I can find something to do with these. Jason thinks they look too "country" but God, it was so beautiful in person. The photo doesn't do it justice.

These wood finials (I think that's what they're called) would look lovely on a fireplace mantle:

When Jason saw this picture, he nearly did a backflip. Love, love love, but he wishes it was a bit less expensive:

I am seriously considering this for the bathroom, which Jason is doing a marvelous job on! I'm procrastinating on making the show curtains. Last night I tried my first hem job and stopped before I got to the sewing machine. I'm very afraid of the sewing maching. It has no manual and I can't figure out what setting is the "hem stitch".

This is the matching armoire to the one we have. It's going to be bought by us this week! $120. Great for the baby's room, but even if not, we can certainly repurpose it:

I loved the look of this recycle bin. There were two, but they were $$$:

I would probably have never given these a second glance, had I not been pregnant. But these vintage baby bottles were so interesting. It's hard to imagine that babies would have been able to hold these things themselves. They are so heavy! These glass bottles are probably good to have if you want to microwave breastmilk or formula since it's not healthy to microwave them in plastic.

I'm fairly sure these are going to make it into Villa Villa. I **love** them!:

I'm so in love with mercury glass lately. Stupid question but is mercury glass bad for me if I'm pregnant? Or do I have to eat it for it to be bad for me? LOL!:

Well, that's all for today. And I still have 6 minutes to kill before I have to get in the shower and head out to work!

Happy Monday!


  1. Ok, which antique market is this? I need to go. :)

  2. I am dying over those lamps!!! And, it isn't dangerous... it isn't really even mercury most of the time. That window art is pretty! That whole store has fabulous stuff!

  3. Laura - This is the Merchant Square in Chandler - on Arizona Ave.

    I must admit, I couldn't stop thinking about the pressed flower window or the street signs and since I couldn't get there until Saturday, I called them on Tuesday with my credit card and asked them to hold them for me. I picked them up today and am so glad I bought them! Jason loves the street signs and I think he was more pleased with the window than he was when he saw the photo. So they are mine now!

    Michelle - I took some more photos while I was there today - a few additional lamps. I'll try to post them tomorrow.

  4. That armoirie is so darn cute. Use it for the baby room....nice blog.